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We Love What We Do!
Everyday is a new adventure! The people that work here at Nix Tree Service truly love what they do. The ever changing scenery and daily suprises keep us on our toes and in good spirits. We are a light hearted bunch that loves nature and being out doors, great morale makes any tough job a fun job.

Safe and Professional
Each one of NIX employees are highly experienced climbers, no tree is too tall. All practice Nix Tree Care's extreme safety policies to ensure no accidents happen while removing hazardous trees in tight places.

24 Hour Emergency Response
Here in Washington we know how dangerous trees can be, especially during our storm season. Nix Tree Care has a 24/7 Emergency Response Team that is available to handle any situation ant any time. Simply call our direct line at 253.229.1232

Special Services
View Clearing is just one of the many special services Nix Tree Care has to offer. The removal of a few trees to enhance the view from your property can actually raise the value a substantial amount. Maintenance such as Shaping, Trimming and Thinning to existing trees are other examples of our services that can be used to enhance the views from your favorite spot in the house.

What Is Tree Care?
Tree Care is a holistic approach to evaluating a tree and it's health. Tree Care involves many aspects of the care and maintenance of the tree. The most important aspect of tree care is the ability for an arborist to observe, analyze, and assess a trees overall health. Once an appropriate assessment has been made of a tree, a proper action is performed. This action can range from no maintenance at all, to pruning or removal of a tree.

Spring & Summer are Coming!

Need an estimate? Maybe some simple advice on ways to take care of your trees, shrubs and hedges? We all know spring and summer are just around the corner. Take care of your wind sailing, pruning and removals now!

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NIX TREE CARE is the best...
NIX TREE CARE is the best tree service I have ever used. They arrived exactly ontime, and finished early...

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Feb. 27, 2012

I Was Almost Late...
I was almost late to work due to a tree falling in my driveway. Luckily I had called NIX TREE CARE's 24 Hour Service...

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